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Filing PIL In Supreme Court Against Inhumanity – Atlanta Kashyap

Bombay- There is No Hindu, Muslim ,Sikh, Only Humanity Is The Religion Do You Know Meaning of #NAMASKER ?? Namaskaram Means We All Are One peace Humanity is only caste We All human Don’t Treat Other Human Like Animals Even Animals Are spread Love, Peace Decided 30% Some Chanel Media Is Very Bad Who Lives With Negative Karma Who Are Bad Souls, They Make/They Also Create Seriously Extreamly Deadly Miss Understanding In Innocent Public They Created Bad confusion In Innocent Public Mind This 30 %Media Only Played Mind Game Mind Pub ji Game Over Media This 30% Media Trying To Proof Always That They Are The Tryel Court, And Any Court Is Nothing In front Of Them This 30% Media Harm The Society Throwing Mouth Poison Like Carbon Die Oxide To Every Innocent Audiences We Should Stop Watch This Kind Of Social News.

They Treat Other Party Or Other Cast Is Like Animals Animals Are Good Soul Then Human Stop Inhumanity Bjp Or Congress Both Are Human, Karma And Results Are Different Treat Human Like A human Only Stop Inhumanity Matter Is On Process We Need Peace Love Humanity Do All Work But Only Good Be Inside The Humanity Boundaries Stop Playing Pub ji Crime Game With Innocent Audiences Mind Good Soul, Living With Positive Work Don’t Worry I Am Full Free For This Kind Of Fight I Will Run With Advocates I will go to Supreme Court Any Time I Have So Much Time For Good Work by-Atlanta Kaashhyap.

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